Original Japan 1992 KYORYU SENTAI ZYURANGER DINO BUCKLER with Mammoth Coin & BoJ Exclusive Buckle [Pre-Owned]

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with Mammoth Coin and Buckle.

This lot includes Dino Buckler, the Exclusive Buckle and Mammoth Coin ONLY.
Working lights, sounds and buttons.

Made by Bandai of Japan, this one sports FULL labels on the back and right-side up on the front unlike the 1994 MMPR Power Morpher. 
1992 Japanese copyright stamped on both changer and buckle.

The changer's mold is exactly identical to the 1994 Power Morpher, which can be attached to the buckle, and can interchange the coins with the 1994 Power Coins.
Buckle can be hooked and worn on any pants or belt. 

Super Popular Item, VHTF and a MUST HAVE!!

Pre-Owned. Requires 2 LR44 Batteries (included)